02 Aug

Why My Salon Solution Was Born

When I started in the business of making people look good in 2003, I was always determined that I could make the process better.


The industry was stuck in very traditional ways of dealing with potential customers and delivering the service to them.


As technology has moved on, so have the tastes and requirements of customers. It is no longer acceptable to be inflexible towards them.


I was in a fortunate position that I was able to see technology for what it was… a way to make my team’s (and mine) lives easier.


I knew that we offered incredible service to our customers, but the daily running of a business, coupled with new trends like social media, meant that there were bigger drains on our time and we weren’t being left with much time to serve customers.


We were talking on Facebook about service, but not being able to deliver it to my satisfaction. Something had to change and change it did.


I started reading, exploring, trying new things, getting frustrated with some tools, loving others. It was all time consuming, but I knew that when I found the right solution, all of our lives would be easier, and I’d be in a unique position… I’d have created time!


My Salon Solution is my way of giving back to you… I have spent a lot of time and energy, sometimes heading up blind alleys, sometimes to the detriment of those nearest and dearest to me (a pain all business owners understand), and having struck upon the right combination now, I can feel what every one of you are feeling.


The feeling of being pulled from all directions, and still trying to keep enough money coming in to keep your business afloat. It’s tough, and something only a business owner can understand.


I wish the me of 2 years ago, knew the me of today!


So My Salon Solution is there to help you. I see us all united in an honourable cause – that to make people feel good about themselves. It’s selfless, and in it’s pure form, gives us the most intense satisfaction… knowing you have served your customer and they are happy.


So use the tips and tools here, they are for you to make the most of, and help you stay connected with that joy of serving others.


These solution have all been tested in the field of a successful cosmetic surgery & medical aesthetics clinic which has been around for 22 years… dip in, have a read, contact me, and give yourself a huge leg up. This information is all out there, I was lucky enough to have the time and patience to collect it together.