05 Sep

Small Clinic and Salon Business Building Tips

salon business building tips

Clinic or Salon Business Building Tips

You run a small clinic or salon, and you’re thinking of dipping your toe into some software that can make your life incredibly easy AND free up your time to do what you love, serve your clients.

It’s what you got into this line of work for, the daily buzz of speaking to clients, using your knowledge and expertise to find new solutions. We’ve been there – it’s why we still have our clinic.

Here’s the catch though, as you get better and get busier, the actual running of your salon or clinic starts to take up more and more of your time. It’s stressful as well, so you find your energy and enthusiasm starts to wane slightly, and you don’t feel on top of your game. We’ve been there too!

So what’s the solution?

You want something that will A) make the running of your business easier so you can pay more attention to your clients B) be easy to set up and use so you don’t have to spend ages tweaking it and monitoring it and C) all talk to each other so it becomes seamless.

We found, through our own experience, that the 3 main things to get in place were;

1. Automatic Diary Management

If you’re anything like us, your diary is the one thing that you would treasure more than your life. It’s the hub of your business.

Diary management software allows you to ensure it is easy to read, access anywhere, and you can actually draw data out from it, like number of appointments, any missed appointments, and who your most valuable clients are, plus how frequently they visit you.

The fact that you can get all of this quickly, is really powerful, and when you add to that the fact that you can add notes to remember your clients, you suddenly sound like you remember that client without ever having to actually do so. It helps build really strong relationships with them

Now, here’s a killer feature… if you can also start taking online booking, put book now buttons on your emails, and put booking buttons on your Facebook page… you’ve got something amazing – you start getting booking WHEN YOU ARE CLOSED!

Nothing beats the feeling of bookings and payments coming in while you sleep!

Some form of diary software is an absolute must for any small salon or clinic

2. Point Of Sale

Logging and reconciling payments and receipts, then checking the business statements are all tallied up… even writing this brings a shiver to the the spine. It’s not a job anyone relishes, and how often do you keep putting it off until you just have to do it.

A point of sale system is the next piece in the jigsaw. It does the basics like tracking all sales against each client, issue receipts (printed or by email – we do email only now to save paper and its a chance to get your client’s correct email address) and give you a daily report that you can just cross check easily with your bank statements.

That’s just the start though… with a point of sale system, you can (and this is seriously cool) work out who your top spenders are   so you can reward them for coming to you, work out which products and treatments and products you sell most of and keep more stock, work out which days of the week/month are good for you so you can run targeted promotions, link it to your diary management system so you can have one up to date database, create stock orders automatically when you start running low on items, run a loyalty programme for your clients so they keep coming back.

And all of this runs itself in the background… how good is that?!

3. Email Marketing

Hearing a client say they didn’t know you provided a particular service is a moment when our heart sinks. How could they have missed the posters. Its obvious from the website that we do it.

Email marketing is a great way to keep your clients in the loop. You provide a very personal service, and your clients are personally interested in you… take our word for it.

Now, your point of sale system helps here. You’re always getting an up to date email address, as people want their receipt, and you also know who your top spenders are and what your top sellers are. You can do promotions to sell stock that’s not shifting, reward people who come regularly, and here’s the best bit… tailor your emails and offers depending on what your clients are buying.

It’s a better use of your time to think of a great complimentary offer, rather than spend ages digging out who to send it to!


These are the 3 essential clinic or salon business building tips, that we’ve tried and tested and they stood the test of time. We offer a complimentary advice service to match the right services with your business. Take the survey and we can send our recommendations over.

It’s worth 2 minutes of your time – trust us.