Salon Training Workshops & Clinic Training Workshops

The My Salon Solution approach to training is to use clinic training workshops to arm you with what to do in the worst case scenario. This holds a few benefits over other training courses – we assume you know what you’re doing, because generally you do.

Our training workshops are about taking you on client/customer/Guest journeys you’ve never been on, but we have. We give you the benefit of speaking face to face with practitioner and business owners who have been there and done it all before. They have walked the walk.

Nothing beats experience, and no training course can give you experience. That comes from doing treatments, meeting Guests and clients, and MAKING MISTAKES.

But can you afford to make a mistake these days?

With people looking to claim for anything, requesting money back, or perhaps worse, taking to social media to destroy all of your hard work, and mistake is not something you can make.

There is a problem though… we feel that as humans, we’re programmed to learn from mistakes. We rarely take stock when things are going well. How do you know how to handle an angry client until they call you in the middle of the night? How will you react?

Our training is about getting you comfortable with the risk you take every time you see a Guest or client. We tell you how to cope, how to put them at ease, and how to foster trust.

The Workshops

  • 3 Hours with a practitioner with 20+ years of experience
  • Maximum of 3 attendees so that your time is more focused
  • Pre-workshop questionnaire so the session deals with YOUR questions
  • Workshop+ where YOU leave your Mentor with homework to address follow up questions you have

What Areas Covered?

  • Aesthetic Treatment Workshops
  • Laser Hair Removal Workshops
  • Business Development/Consultancy Workshops – Coming Soon

Aesthetic Treatment Workshops

Aesthetic Treatment Workshops Plus