Our Mission

My Salon Solution Our Mission

My Salon Solution was born out of 22 years of hard work swimming against some of the industry’s biggest players.

Here you will find the fruits of our labour so you can grow step by step…

  • A comprehensive list of the salon solutions we have tried and tested
  • access to the in-house solutions we developed to our biggest problems
  • a chance to speak to and spend time with people who have been there and done it
  • and most of all the opportunity to FREE UP YOUR TIME to do what you do best – serve your clients/customer/Guests better than anyone else! (we call ours Guests in our 22 year old aesthetic treatment clinic in Manchester)

We wanted to share with you how we managed to combine all of these salon and clinic solutions to compete and more often than not, beat our competition, both in terms of our stickability (22 years says a lot) and the measure that mattered most to us… our Guest satisfaction.

As owners of a small independent cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatment clinic, we had to find ways of competing with our better resourced and financially stronger competitors… and over the years we developed some great solutions to help us punch above our weight and still be able to do what any small independent does best – to serve its clients/customers/Guests (whatever you choose to call them) better!

Our Approach is best summed up as a three legged stool:

  1. Software that makes it easy to do the mucky part of your duties as a salon/clinic owner. This bits that no one wants to spend time on, but can have a debilitating impact on your business and you ability to serve your clients. Things like appointment scheduling that takes the hassle away, point of sale that looks after all of your payments and stock and ordering, and a loyalty programme that will have your clients staying with your longer
  2. Workshops that demystifies and gives you access to over 50 years on industry experience from people who have been there, done it, and heard everything before. Workshops aren’t just about the best case scenario, but how to avoid or indeed handle the worst case scenario, and we find a mentoring approach is more suited to this industry
  3. Tools that we have developed that can help you transform your salon or clinic into a force. Tools that help you achieve things like 100% consultation conversion rates for laser hair removal, or help you sell more of you top value treatments in a month that was previously possible in a year!
  4. Web/Social services designed to get your noticed and earning more. Web services are simple to understand, but are time consuming to set up, so free yourself from those shackles and let someone else do it. Most things don’t require on-going commitments for little or no work. The only things you pay regularly for are those that require continuous input like social media. Any other services can always be done as a one off and so not a drain on your cash flow

And here’s the deal – we still use these solutions to this day, so if you ever want to pop in and see them in action, just ask us, we’ll be glad to show you around.