Create Time – With easy to use salon client retention tools!

Ever wanted there to be more hours in the day in your salon or clinic? We did too – but creating those extra hours means either hiring more staff, or working longer yourself.

Neither of these options was open to us because we loved our leisure time too much, and our industry is VERY competitive, which means there is always pressure on the purse strings – so hiring isn’t always an option.

Our only solution was to make better use of our time by reducing what the business geeks would call wastage – the time that is spent on dead ends.

That is how we set about inventing our World’s First┬áSalon Client Retention Tools… Our Tools are what we are most proud of. We developed them because we wanted to;

  1. free up our time so we could spend that time with our clients/customers/Guests (we call ours Guests) so we understood their needs better
  2. increase our conversion rates so our time was spent getting the treatments right, not worrying about the sale
  3. recommend the right treatment to the right person so that there was less time wasted in consultations that were going nowhere

Here you will find over 50 years of experience running businesses in this industry put towards helping David (You), beat Goliath (the many other businesses, big and small, trying to get your Guests to go to them rather than you!

The Laser Hair Removal Treatment Suitability Assessment Tool

The Laser Hair Removal Treatment Suitability Tool is… frankly the best tool we have devised and its the first launched on My Salon Solution.

Is simple to use, simple to train on, and gives great results in under 20 seconds!

You only need to answer 5 simple questions and you get;

  • to find out if a prospective client is suitable for treatment
  • what their skin type is
  • any risks of burning you need to know about
  • the likelyhood of them getting a good result
  • how many courses they might need (this is a killer feature that means you can give great offers to get long-term clients

We devised it when we wanted to increase our conversion rates when we were fed up of wasted time in free patch tests, and seeing that look on clients faces when they heard the prices.

We wanted to have that discussion on the phone so that the 30 minute patch test appointment was 3 TIMES more likely to convert!

The 5 minutes spent on the phone was a better use of our time.

You can also reap the huge benefits of;

  • the highest conversion rates you’ve ever had
  • clients who are ready to sign up rather than shopping around
  • using your time more efficiently as you don’t waste time on dead appointments that don’t go anywhere

Client Skin Analysis Record & Treatment Recommender – COMING SOON


Branded & Customised Client Advice Sheets – COMING SOON