Laser Hair Removal Suitability Tool

The Laser Hair Removal Suitability Tool single handedly increased our conversion rate of laser hair removal consultations from around 35% to a staggering 86%!


We were able to assess potential clients on the phone rather than in clinic, and so people that were clearly unsuitable never set foot in the clinic in the first place.

How It Works

Use this laser hair removal suitability tool to assess potential clients’ suitability for laser hair removal within 20 seconds… it will reduce the number of wasted laser hair removal patch tests and also let you pass this responsibility onto your front of house, knowing they are delivering a consistent reliable answer and don’t have the pressure of having to justify why someone hasn’t booked their consultation.

How The Tool Was Developed

This tool has been developed using experience garnered over 15 odd years of providing laser hair removal treatments and learning from the number of courses and treatments needed to give lasting results that give you life-long clients.

Try It For Free

You can also use the information about number of courses to target offers based on booking multiple courses, so you get a longer term client, who has clear expectations of how many treatments they will need, and if they get a discount for future treatments.

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You can have complete access to this wonderful tool to see how beneficial it is to your clinic