Salon Software and new technology gives you a fighting chance to take on the big boys. There’s no doubt about it, but to anyone who is hands on, that whole world seems so far away and mysterious.

Honestly, it isn’t. Everything we recommend has been tried and tested in our clinics and has stood the test of time, knowledge and team members!

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Your team will find the path of least resistance and find fault with any system you put in place… but with My Salon Solution looking out for you, that needn’t happen again.

We’ve hand picked salon software that is easy to set up, easier to use and comes with loads of built in training guides that you can put your team through, because we understand your time is precious.

You can choose;

Salon Appointment Scheduling

Salon Point of Sale

Salon Email Marketing

Salon Direct Debits

Salon Loyalty Programme


So dive in and explore…

Why not try our audit tool… simply fill in the questionnaire and we’ll get back to you with our recommendations on which software to use.

This service means you answer a few simple questions, and we will work hard to find the best combination of software for you to use to create time and boost profits straightaway.

And there’s no catch, you never pay more than you would if you found this software yourself, and more often than not – you’ll find a nice discount as well


Full disclosure time: As with all online software, we get a kick back for recommending software to you, but it’s been tested in a REAL clinic, with REAL people (us!) and you won’t ever pay a penny more, in fact you’ll probably get a nice introductory offer. And if you ever want to see it in action, you can pop into our busy clinic and see for yourself.

We spent years trialing, rejecting, and eventually finding the right solutions. Save yourself a load of time and effort let us do the hard work for you.