Salon Email Marketing

The best tool in the armoury of a small independent like yours is email marketing! Let us explain why…

All of the other tools here are about making things easy for you, so you can manage your business more easily and therefore serve your customers better. But what happens when they’ve been in?

How do you go about ensuring that they aren’t lost forever?

Yes, you can create engaging loyalty programmes, you can offer discounts for future treatments, you can even call them up every now and again – time permitting.

What if you had a way to constantly communicate ¬†with them through everyone’s favourite… email?

But have you ever found yourself thinking;

  • Salon Email marketing takes up too much time for too little result
  • I need technical knowledge to make beautiful emails
  • Won’t I just be spamming my clients and turn them off?

What if we said you could;

  • Drive real sales and awareness with TARGETTED email campaigns which adapt as people open and respond to emails
  • You can have a beautiful, clean email set up and sent in just 20 minutes
  • Your clients WANT to hear from you because you have a personal relationship with them… that’s your advantage. You’ll find email open rates that your bigger competitors would kill for

MailChimp is your answer!

mail chimp

We fished around for years using fancy (and expensive) email marketing modules linked to our systems, tried all the other email list management software, and finally settled for Mail Chimp, and here’s why

  • Making an email was SO easy it was incredible!
  • Your mailing list manages itself, so when people unsubscribe, they won;t hear from you again
  • If you have any technical knowledge at all, you can use it like an expert
  • Even with no knowledge, you can create beautiful emails that work

What’s more, if you sign up through¬†here… you can get a $30 credit straight away!

If you’re unsure if this is right for you… let us do the hard work and audit your business and find the right solutions for you… and it’s all FREE – including your report and software plan