Salon Point of Sale

What does a salon point of sale offer your salon that you can’t do without? You know all of your clients personally, you take the money, and you know what stock you have.

But imagine a world where you could have access to top level reports like how much you’ve taken, which items are your best sellers, and who are your top clients… it starts to sound better, but is it worth the time and effort?

Well, imagine if you could also automate your stock ordering as well, and imagine you could link your sales, each time you made them, to your accounting software?

What have you suddenly got?

  1. Time to do your stuff and deliver the top service your clients love you for
  2. A free mind not having to worry about your admin, as it all happens in the background

You cannot put a price on those two benefits, but you can put a time… 2 hours!

Vend Point of Sale is such a simple point of sale system, that it gives you those two benefits in bucket loads.

There are a few problems though;

  • Point of Sale systems are for retail businesses only, right?
  • Point of Sale systems cost a lot to set up and run
  • Do you need all of that capability?

Well, if you don’t think you’re a retail business, you’ve got a bigger problem. Anything that involves selling, requires that you capture this data, and what’s more, you can actually use the data so much better than a retail business, becuase you have a secret weapon… you know the customers intimately and actually have their contact details. Retailers would kill for that information.

Vend is also incredibly easy to set up, and if you’re not technical, which no one would blame you fornot being, they will set you up a fully operational, retail class system for a miniscule fee of £18 a month!

The value of the data you can pull out is so large, that you will never regret getting a point of sale system.

If you’re unsure if this is right for you… let us do the hard work and audit your business and find the right solutions for you… and it’s all FREE – including your report and software plan