Web Analytics For Salon Websites

Do you know how many people come on your website? How many of those people enquire to you? Which is your most popular page?

We’re in Google Analytics territory right?

Well, if you want the bare minimum, generally useless information about your site, THAT IS A DAY OLD, then yes, you are in Google Analytics territory.

Is it actually relevant how many visitors you’ve had? When was the last time you looked at your Analytics dashboard? When was the last time it told you something INTERESTING???

Now… Can you answer these questions?

1. If you run a promotion right now on your Facebook page, how many people went to your page within an hour?

2. Where did people click on your web page?

3. Was it actually the promotion that worked?

Can you, hand on heart answer ANY of those 3 questions?

If not, then you need something that gives you real-time analytics and heat maps to show you where people clicked?

Why is this so important?

I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s not crucial to your business to check your web stats every day, or even every week. Remember, how often do you really check Google Analytics?

But it is important to know if people are visiting your website after a promotion, and if they aren’t buying, then what are they doing.

That’s just common sense.

Sometimes the first few hours after your promotion has gone live are crucial, so REAL-TIME stats on who’s on your site are crucial.

You can’t get that with Google, but the answer is…

Clicky Web Analytics

We’ve been using Clicky for our web analytics for over 2 years now, and it’s brilliant. It gives you just the right amount of information without going over board, and is really easy to get to learn. It also has the benefit of giving you real-time info on who’s on your site, and guess what… sometimes it’s just addictive!

So go ahead and try out Clicky Web Analytics – there’s a free account trial on there!